Speed dating the runes of Medelpad

Once again, I am about to head away from Orkney on the overnight boat to Aberdeen. This time, my journey leads to Sweden, Sundsvall in Medelpad to be precise. And what will I be doing there? I have a speed date with some amazing runestones.

It is the annual field runologists’ meeting where runologists from all corners of Europe as well as the USA and Russia come together in a chosen area to examine the local runic inscriptions, discuss all things runology and exchange ideas. As part of it, there’s also a public event, a “Speed date with the runes of Medelpad” where many runologists will give quick talks about certain aspects of the runes of Medelpad. It will be in Swedish (and other Scandinavian languages) and happens at Danslogen in Sundsvall on Thursday, 23rd May, at 7 PM. It’s free entry, so better come early to get a space!

Speed-date med Medelpads runor

If you come, you’ll also get to hear me discuss some aspects of the memory of voyages in a comparison of the Medelpad-ish runestone M 4 from Attmarby and the Maeshowe inscription Or Barnes 24 from Orkney.


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